Our Dental Office

3021 El Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821

Phone: 916-515-9363

Fax: 916-515-9771

Clinic Hours

Monday                       8am-4pm

Tuesday                      8am-4pm

Wednesday                8am-4pm

Thursday                   8am-4pm

Friday                        8am-4pm

Every Other Saturday           8am-4pm

Sunday                         CLOSED


Schedule an Appointment


You can call us to schedule an appointment, or request an appointment through the website. Should you be unable to keep your scheduled appointment, or would wish to reschedule, give us a call during our office hours. Similarly, if you project a delay in your arrival at the clinic, please call us as soon as possible. Doing so will help in making all the necessary arrangements in scheduling other patients.

Payment Options

We accept cash and major credit cards.


We also accept:



We are currently affiliated with most insurance providers.


Call us now to find out if we are affiliated with your insurance provider!


The perks of modern technology are fully utilized in our office.


Gone are the days of plates and photographic films. El Camino Family Dental Practice utilizes digital x-rays so that we can easily identify and make any adjustments in approaching your oral health needs. Aside from this, we use intraoral cameras that will let you see what we see in your mouth. This way, you are more aware of your oral health needs, and can become more confident in making decisions about your dental treatments.


In sterilizing our instruments, we make use of one of the finest autoclaves in the market -- StatIM and Tuttnauer, in order to avoid cross-contamination, therefore preserving your healthy smile.


We also employ Dryshield Isolation System in order to make your time at the dentist's chair more comfortable, and quite possibly shorter, compared to those days when bite blocks, saliva ejectors, cotton rolls and gauze were used during dental practice.


On top of these, we make use of distilled water in all operatories to ensure that you are only getting quality oral health care through and through.


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