Are amalgam fillings safe?


First, let us talk about what they are. Amalgam fillings are a type of dental restoration material made of fifty percent liquid mercury and fifty percent powdered silver, tin and copper alloy. This has been used for many years before the inception and application of composite fillings, mainly because it lasts longer, and is a lot less expensive.


Amalgams are used quite infrequently in dental practice these days. With the advent of technology, and the aesthetic advantages of using white fillings, many dentists and patients choose the latter over amalgams.


However, there are still instances when amalgams are used, and considering its silver mercury content, many people have expressed their concern about their safety.


Dental amalgam has elemental mercury that gets released in the form of a vapor. This can be inhaled and absorbed by the lungs -- things that may have caused people's growing concern over it.


Studies made by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) shows that only low levels of mercury vapor is released, and that they are safe for adults and children ages 6 and above.


For more information, make sure to consult Doc ET about the course of your treatment, especially in terms of using fillings.


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