What causes gingivitis?


Gingivitis is also a major problem in dental practice. It begins in an almost similar manner as tooth decay and cavities. They are both caused by poor oral hygiene, with a diet rich in sugar and starch contributing to its development.


Sugar and starch make it more conducive for the bacteria to grow. This leads to plaque formation. When plaque forms, brushing your teeth and flossing help in removing them. For a person with poor oral hygiene, the plaque may remain on the teeth. Eventually, the plaque hardens under the gumline and forms into tartar. At this point, brushing and flossing can no longer remove the tartar, and you will need your dentist's help. If tartar remains on your teeth for a longer period of time, your gums become irritated. This causes inflammation, or gingivitis.


Good oral hygiene is always important. And remember, before any complications happen, it's always good to have your teeth examined by your dentist Doc ET so preventive or early treatment can be performed.


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