What are white fillings?


White fillings are used for dental restorations. They are composite fillings, tooth-colored plastic and glass mixtures.


Do you remember your visits to the dentist and you were told you have cavities? At this point, your dentist will proceed to restoring the integrity of the tooth or teeth that have cavities. After drilling the cavities, your dentist will begin filling it in with the use of either an amalgam, or white filling.


Depending on where the damage is, and its type, your dentist may opt to use this kind of filling. Using white fillings in dental restoration helps improve the overall look of your teeth -- it comes in different shades of white, so that the restoration is almost invisible, and what you have are your perfect set of pearly whites. This kind of filling also bonds with your teeth, so the filling adheres to the tooth very well.


Make sure you ask Doc ET more about white fillings during your visit!


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