Oral Hygiene Tip #1: When is the best time to brush your teeth?

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Immediately after a meal? When you wake up? Before bed?


There has been some controversy over this, but dentists and hygienists agree on one thing: Brush twice a day. Now the question remains–“when is the best time to brush my teeth?”
Recent research suggest that brushing should NOT be done immediately after a meal. The reason for this is that the acids from food (sauces, dressing, condiments, juices and drinks) soften the enamel somewhat, and brushing immediately after a meal might wear the softened enamel unnecessarily.


Luckily, nature has a way of neutralizing that acid. It is saliva. The alkaline nature of saliva and the minerals contained in it brings the pH of the oral cavity up and “rehardens” enamel. But it takes about 30 minutes to work.


So when is the best time to brush your teeth? About thirty minutes after a meal, twice a day–after the pH of the mouth has been naturally neutralized by saliva.


Disclaimer: The above statements are published for educational purposes only, and are not to be misconstrued as medical/dental advise, or treatment. If you have questions about your oral hygiene and dental health, please consult your dental professional. El Camino Family Dental Practice is open Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to address your dental health concerns.

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